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Not all trips demand a longer blogpost, and that goes for our trip from Uddevalla to Venice as well. Tired and miserabel after a “wonderful” night in the very small cabin the girls had rented for us, we went down to the village for some breakfast.

Quite satisfied after the breakfast we set course for the bridge and Denmark. After some discussions, we agreed on stopping in the town of Faxe to get some rest. We found a very good place to stay at. Slangerupgaard Hotel og Kursuscenter. Only 1400 DKK for two rooms, one night. The breakfast was so good that it would have been worth 1400 DKK all by itself.

Kjell and Sofi are two bloodhounds and they soon sniffed out a very nice restaurant by the sea for a couple of pints. For my part I went out for a run. Luckily you can rest in different ways.

It is now we come up with the briljant idea that we should go directly to Venice. If I had known how hard it is to sleep in the back of that bus, I don´t know if I would have agreed to it. We arrive in Venice at 10:00 after a trip that lasted for 26 hours. Driving a van with a Seascape 18 on tow through Germany, Austria ond over the Donner pass takes time. A lot of time!

Finally we are in Venice. Have some luck and finds a nice camping site that rents out cabins. Camping Jolly. Costs 50€ per night for a two bed cabin with bathroom. i do think that is a good name for an accommodation for us. Maybe we should get ourselves a Jolly Roger to put on the boat.

Venice is a fantastic city with a lot of things to look at. We only spent two days there. Could easily have spent a week. But it felt a bit like Hotel California. Once you walk in, you never walk out. The navigation in the phone doesn’t work in those narrow alleys, we felt like mice in a maze actually. But we ended up quite stuffed mice, because the ice cream is fantastic in Venice.

This time I had more time to take pictures, so here are a lot of them:




Thats a lot of boats.



There is a Bansky wannabe in every town.



Channel one.



Straighten the neck I told them. This is not the result I was looking for.



Even the birds need a bath in this heat.



The beginning of the Canal Grande.



Yeah, we now what boat to take.



Ghost Town by Madness.



Channel two.



Channel three.



Channel four.



Wonder what she is thinking about. Maybe the good company of me?



Channel five.



Channel six.

Now we are in Croatia. It´s time to get the boat wet again.

To be continued….


2 responses to “Venice.”

  1. Eva Dart says:

    Roligt att följa er på er tur. Du kan få till det du Anders med både bild o text. Kram till er alla.

  2. Kari says:

    Coola bilder jätte fint ..du borde sadla om o h bli författare du är grymt brs på skriva .. va försiktiga stora vågor dör ni är nu…kari

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