Signia Cruises had a very long cleaningday

Tuesday June 7th, 2016 / Mercedes, Modifications, Uncategorized

We are getting closer to the day when we are going to embark on our journey. We are leaving in three weeks time. Which means that we have to clean out the cars. For my part i spent the Swedish national day doing that. Because i realized celebrating that in downtown Grillby was not a very good idea. I mean, a fleemarket, bad coffee and horseback riding on a very small horse is not my idea of fun. I already have garbage at home, i don´t like stale coffee and it was a very small horse. Because of that i had a head start of my friend Kjell and could spend the day trying to polish away all the tar spots from the car. Apparently it is not a very good idea, not to clean and wax the car on a regular basis. Strange isn´t it? It took me the whole day and package of rubbing to get it done.

While i was polishing my car, Kjell was busy cleaning out al the stuff that he has collected since we bought the cars five years ago. Damn, i think he should have been at the fleemarket in Grillby. I do think that he could have filled up the entire square with stuff. Maybe that could be a new career for us when we come home.

What is going to happen now when we have emptied the cars is the following: I´m going to sell my car. We are going to convert Kjells car to campervan with a double bed with lots of storage underneath. The we are going to fit two Seascapebags that are the same as the once we have in the boat. They will be hanging from the ceiling inside the car. I think that it will workout perfectly to be able to pack one bag in the car and to take it down to the boat when it is time to sail away.

Now to the most fun part of all. We are getting sponsored by Seascape with some of gear for our boat. And because of that we are striping up the car with Seascape logos on the sides and our logo on the backdoor. I have never been sponsored before(except by my parents of course, but it sort of does´t count) so it´s a milestone in my life. Signia Cruises is going to be a rolling showroom for Seascape 18. That is not bad!

As usual i have been out and about with my camera, here are a couple of shots from the day:


Emptying the car. How much stuff can you fit into one Mercedes?



From another angle.



It is possible to collect a lot of stuff in five years. If you want to have any top tips call Kjell!



Lucky for him he had a pair of safety gloves in the car.



Here comes a very old referens for us old-timers. Remember the tv-series Soap?




This pile of stuff is from two cars. i definitely have to build a new shed soon.


Being in Sweden we had to end a beautiful day in rain, so i could´t resist taking a picture of the boat in with the rain gear on.

To be continued…..



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