One adventure ends and another starts

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Thursday 21/7.

Wake up at 8 am and start to pack the last of the gear before we check out from Downtown Apartments Pula. The stay here has been absolutely great, very close to to a lot of nice restaurants and of course the bloody ruins. Today is unfortunately the last day for Gunilla and Sofi to be part of this trip, because work awaits them back home. But luckily for Kjell and me, we don´t have work waiting for us back home. We have a lot of sailing to do before we go home to the cold and snowy Sweden.

Checking our from the hotel at 10 am.

The girls plane leaves at 21 pm from Pula airport, so we have a lot of time to kill before that. Decide to go up to the old roman town of Rovinj that is situated about 40 km north of Pula. Strange isn´t it, a town full of roman ruins and buildings, again? After some lunch and a coffee, Kjell and Sofi decide to go down to the pool for a last swim before leaving for the airport. Meanwhile Gunilla and I take a walk up to the church that is on top of a hill in the middle of town. Fantastic view and a nice cool breeze. But it is very strange that one always want to stay in the shade when finally getting some sunlight?

Kyrka på kulle

Church on hill

After a while Gunilla and I are getting bored, so we start to play a game of dog bingo. Now you might wonder what kind of game dog bingo is? Well this is how it works: Find a dog turd on the sidewalk, choose a person each, that is walking towards it, and if the person that you have chosen step on the turd you have won. Easier than cow bingo and much more fun than regular bingo, and the prize     aint´t to “shitty” either.

Finally we have killed enough time and it´s time for us to go to the airport. The time for goodbye is now here, and after lot of tears and hugging, Gunilla and Sofi went through the security checkpoint. But I can promise you that we are back before you know it. Just have to do some sailing first.

It´s time for us to go to Ljubljana and meet the folks at Seascape. We are also going to visit the factory where they assemble  both the 24 and the 27. From Pula it is about a 200km drive, which we make in no time. We even have the time to stop and put the Seascape stickers on the van. Because we don´t want to meet Seascape with no stickers the car. Later we found out hat we have the only van i Slovenia with Seascape logos on.


Dekalmontering med stekspade

Sticker mounting with a spatula


Seascapeloggor i motljus

Seascapelogos in the evening light

Because we have a habit of not planning ahead we don´t have a place to spend the night in. Lets find an open gas station. Soon we find one that is open until 11 pm, and with an open wi-fi and a toilet. Lucky us! Sends a couple of texts and then straight to bed. Falls asleep on top of the sleeping bag.

Friday 22/7.

Wake up at 6:30 am.



Gas station hotel

Kjell says that I snore and fart when I sleep. Lier! You can be the master farter! When the fart discussion has ended, we have breakfast inside the gas station. A sandwich and a double espresso can make wonders for a tired sailor. Time to go and find the Seascape office. It is situated just outside of  downtown Ljubljana, close to a shopping center. For some reason they don´t have many signs that show where the office is, but when we finally find our way, we are welcomed buy Jon Brecelj, Lidija Zaletel and Vid Slapnicar. we spend an hour talking about the company and sailing in general. They really love boats and sailing at Seascape.

Finally it´s time for us to go to the factory in Jesenice where they assemble both the 24 & 27. Lidija is coming with us in the van showing us the way, and of course answering all the questions that we have for her. When we get there we are greeted by Gorazd Mihelin to get a tour of how they build these fantastic boats. It´s a total of six persons that are working in this facility, and they manage to get four 24 and one 27 ready each month. That is very good, and the quality is superb. Gorazd told me that they had just loaded a 24 into a container for shipment to Portland USA. And as you can see on the pictures there isn´t much room left on the sides.


Lastning av Seascape 24

Loading of the Seascape 24


Lastning av Seascape 24

That is a tight fit


Gorazd, Lidija och Kjelle framför den fina bilen med loggor på

Gorazd, Lidija och Kjelle in front of the van with the stickers on


Seascape 24 i en vid vinkel

Seascape 24 in a different perspective


Seascape 24

Seascape 24 in b&w


Arbete pågår för fullt

Work in progress


Time to go back to Jezera and our own small boat. The trip back is “only 500km driving, what luck for me that I could spend the whole trip laying on my back,in the back, reading. Pure justice! Nicely done Kjell. Of course we didn´t arranged the accommodation for us this time either. Plan ahead, why bother? Time for me to call our guardian angel Marina at free Spirit Sailing. Arrive in Jezera at 21:30 pm and of course all has been settled. Marina came to our rescue again! If you are going to Croatia to sail or just a vacation I can´t recommend Free Spirit Sailing enough. If you need help they will surely help you.

Tomorrow we are of for some sailing in the Kornati Archipelago. It is supposed to be paradise everybody says, lets hope they are right.

To be continued….



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    Hoppas att Ni får en fortsatt härlig seglats, ta det lugnt och njut!!,🏝 😎😑

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    Ser att Ni mår bra,även fast Ni är ensamma,Era duktiga fruar har ju anlänt till fosterlandet!😎😎🍻⚽️

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