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Yesterday we arrived in Pula, the city where our holiday will change into a sailing trip. Because tomorrow Gunilla ond Sofi are going back to Sweden  to resume their lives as working class heroes.

It took us four hours to drive to Pula from Jezera. We made good speed because we left the trailer in Jezera, the reason being that Kjell and I are going back there to continue our sailing adventure down the Croatian coastline onwards to Greece, and maybe longer. Who nows how long we are going to be away.

We were lucky to find ourselves a very good accommodation in the middle of town called Downtown Pula Apartments. Newly renovated apartments of 30m2, super value for only 75€ per night. I will put up a link to their webpage as soon as I get it. we live within walking distance from the amphitheater and the old citycenter with lots of nice restaurants and old buildings.

As usual we have been walking, walking and walking, with a lot of breaks for espresso and ice-cream. After a sugarhigh from to much ice-cream i decided to go for a run. A top tip from the coach is            ” don´t do that when the temperature is above 33 degrees”. It felt like someone had stolen al the oxygen. The fluid levels in the body went low as well. I almost emptied the whole store from water bottles.

Pula, like a lot of places around here is littered with history from the roman empire. Where ever you go in this city you see ruins and excavations. The amphitheater, that was built during the first century after Christ is the sixth biggest in the world and one of the best preserved. Apart from that, there are lots of stuff to look at, like the Augustustemple, Cathedral of Pula and the arch of triumph.

In fact, there are a lot of stuff just lying around here in parks and on lawns. It feels like the people here don´t know what to do with all the stuff they have, they don´t have enough room. Building a new house here must be hard. Got to do it in the night time so the historians don´t see all the stuff you find in  the ground.

Amfiteatern i Pula med en vid vinkel på bilden

The amphitheater in Pula in wide angle

Amfiteatern från insidan

The Amphitheater from the inside.

Amfiteatern med kyrka i bakgrunden

And the Amphitheater with a church in the background.


Augustustemple with a lot of tourists.

Today Gunilla and I have been down to the market that is in the middle of Pula. A very nice place to go to when you like good food and to walk around just looking at people. There are lots of vendors that sells everything from vegetables to olive oil and everything in between. Next to the outdoor market there is a fish and meat market. It is situated indoors in a very nice building that looks like an old railway station from the turn of the century. Very nice building!

Olivolja delux

Oliveoil delux

Vitlök och chili, kan det bli bättre?

Garlic and chili, what could possibly go wrong?

Bor det Göteborgare i Kroatien?

The Croatian joker is working hard.

Now it´s time to go out for some dinner. It´s hard work blogging. Tomorrow it is time to say goodbye at the airport, and after that Kjell and I are taking a trip to Slovenia to visit the Seascape factory. It´s going to be great to get the opportunity to see the factory and to take some pictures. There will be a blogpost about that soon with a lot of pictures of boats.

To be continued….


5 responses to “Pula”

  1. Klemen says:

    That goat to go, was no joke, the products he sells are from goat milk 🙂
    If you find the time, make sure you visit kamenjak national park and in it safary bar, i think you will appriciate bars design a lot:-)
    Pula was my second home, i had a boat there for 10 years in Bunarina sport marina. Have fun in Adriatic, there is no place like it in the world. Love your blog!

  2. Stina (mamma) says:

    Lika spännande varje gång att läsa Dina berättelse . Lycka till i fortsättningen! ⛵️

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