Out with the prototype and in with the final solution.

Friday May 13th, 2016 / Modifications, Products, Torqeedo, Uncategorized

Today we had a building day on the boat. One can almost think that we have quit our jobs already. But we haven´t, at least not entirely. I think that we average a parttime job these last couple of weeks. About the same amount as when we worked at Stockholmshem 25 years ago. I can still remember those hard times.

Today we had planned to install the solar panels that are fixed on the boat, but it was not to be. The reason for that is that we have a company in Sweden  called Postnord that has the logistic capabilities of North Korea. At least i think North Korea is crap in logistics. One can wonder how hard it is to use the cellphone and call the receiver of the parcels and ask where he is? instead they take the parcels back to the terminal in Veddesta just to bring them to Coop in Vällingby the day after. Brilliant!! Here is a tiny advise to PostNord. Try going to Coop directly instead, you will save one days work  and some money.

Well we could fix some other stuff on the boat instead. Kjelle continued pimping the box that holds the battery and other electrical stuff. And for myself a took out the TIG welder and manufactured the final solution for the engine and autopilot-mount. The stainless steel that i used is sponsored by Appelqvist Plåtindustri . If you need help with anything related to steel, they are your guys. If my friend Peter Janhager had manufactured the mount, it would probably been much better. But what the hell, it was good fun making it.

Here are som pictures from the day.


The first piece is cut out and ready to be drilled. It looks quite messy on the boat.


This was before i realized that i couldn’t use nuts and bolts that went through. I had to weld two bolts on the new piece.


It does´t look to bad actually. With some polish it´s going to look alright.


From the other side. I made the upright piece a little longer. That way the angle to the tiller for the autopilot is better.


The Captain is ready to go!


One last check with the engine in place.

That´s all folks.

To be continued…..



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