And life goes on and on and on

Saturday August 6th, 2016 / Anders, Kjell, Travel, Uncategorized

Now we have stayed here in Drace for three days and we are slowly getting the feel for the town. Not much is happening really. We swim, soak in the sun, sail and eat nice food. I know, life´s a bitch sometimes but someone has to do this.

When we came here we found out that it wasn’t easy to find place to stay. Which is odd, because there are not many tourists here. Anyway we decided to sleep in the car, and there and then it seemed to be a very good idea. Not as much later that night, not for me anyway. My good friend Kjell turned out to be one hell of a snorer. At 2am I sat up from bed and got my earbuds, and started to play Bruce Springsteen very loud. It´s not so bad to fall asleep listening to The Boss in the bus. Now we have separate bedrooms. I sleep in the car and Kjell in the boat. Perfect!

Today it´s not as nice here in Drace. It seems that someone has exported a part of the Swedish summer to this place, in other words we have 20 degrees and pouring rain at the moment. I´m starting to feel a bit grumpy now! At the moment I´m sitting in the car, listening to the rain against the roof and wondering how on earth I´m going to get to the coffeeshop for my daily shot of espresso. Now where was that umbrella? If I don’t find it I might have to go there in my swimming trunks. I´m not to sure that the other guests are going to appreciate that aestethic party.

Between all the work with  swimming and sailing I have had the time for some photography. One thing that I have noticed is an advantage of getting older is that it´s hard to sleep late in the morning. Very good quality when you want to take pictures of sunrises. When I was a teenager I mostly shot sunsets. I wonder why?

Enjoy the magnificent sunrise from Drace, and a couple of fishermen of course.

_DSC6111 _DSC6062 _DSC6136 _DSC6104 _DSC6117

To be continued….

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