Jezera on Murter.

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After a not very long journey we arrived at Jezera on Murter at around 2PM. Marina Horvat at Seascape had given me at tip about sailing camp called Free Spirit Sailing and that they surely would help us if they could. And help us they did.

We park the car and boat alongside the curb, and walks over to them to see if they can help us with a place for the boat and somewhere for us to sleep. We get really good help from another Marina ( it seems to be many Marina that works with boats in this country), and of course she arrange everything for us. A place for the boat smack in the middle of the harbor and an apartment for us just five minutes walk from the boat.

The score is five out of five for Free Spirit Sailing!

Now it´s time to repay them with some free advertising.

Free Spirit Sailing arranges sailing courses and rent out rooms. They also rent out bikes, boats and something called SUP. In Sweden a sup is a shot of vodka, and this is definitely not what this is. This is a surfboard that you stand on and use a paddle. It seems to be very difficult, because the people I have seen trying are in the water most of the time.



Of course they use the same kind of cool boat that we have.



After a short walk to the apartment for a look and to meet the very nice owner Valter, it´s time to get the boat wet again. I know I complained about the ramps i Croatia in the latest blogpost, now I have to say I was wrong. Not all ramps in Croatia are bad. This ramp must be the widest ramp in the whole of Croatia, at least 2o meters wide and with lots of space to park in when doing the rigging of the boat.



Forty minutes later the boat is in her new place in the harbor shining like a gem in the evening sun.

Time for some dinner and a good nights sleep. The thing is that Gunilla and I are two very nice persons, so we let Kjell and Sofi have the best room with a view over the harbor. Something that is going to kick us in the butt quite hard later. In our room there is a fan and no balcony. They have AC and a balcony. I can tell you that we almost lost our lives in perspiration that night. Should have brought the scuba gear to bed. The worst part, in the morning the had the nerv to complaint about the temperature in the room. Apparently it was to cold for them. Grrrr!

The second day we are going out for a sailing trip, just to get to a nice harbor for some lunch. Imagine how good it would have been if it had been any wind around us. At least a bit. Now it is so hot in the cockpit that I have to jump into the ocean for a swim, and if a person is able to out swim the boat, it´s not blowing in the wind at all.  Anyway we make our way to the closest village from Jezera for some pizza. They really know how to make pizza in Croatia. All the food they make here is good, because I have yet to be disappointed with the food I have had so far.



This is a new favorite of mine. Anchovies, onions and vinegar with bread. Perfect for a snack before dinner.




Here is our Seascape while we have our lunch. After lunch and a double espresso we are lucky. The wind is picking up and we have a good sail back to Jezera.

Unfortunately I didn´t take any pictures from the sailing. But I´m sure that I will have lots of opportunities to bore you with sailing pictures before this trip is over.

And of course I brought the camera with me down to the harbor in the evening. Here are  few of the shots I took.



You got to have lots of fishing boats to catch all the anchovies that is needed.



There are a lot of really nice boats in the harbor.



A view of the inlet to the harbor.



Last but not least, the nightshot of town.

To be continued….

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  1. Rolf/Irene says:

    Det verkar som ni har det bra och en lyckad semester.
    Irene och Rolf

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