Finally we are on the way!

Wednesday June 29th, 2016 / Anders, Gunilla, Kjell, Seascape, Sofi, Travel, Uncategorized

At last we are on the way towards new adventures.

On Tuesday morning Kjell and Sofi showed up at our place with the boat on tow after the camper-van. After loading up the gear we set off at full speed towards Uddevalla. Or maybe not exactly full speed. A car with a boat on tow isn´t exactly a speed demon to start with, and when the local retirement home is out with their cars for a practice run you probably understand  what i´m talking about. One more thing that affected the speed was that Kjell missed an exit and therefor we ended up behind a tractor for two miles. Apparently it was the watch fault. Bloody Apple!

Apart from that not much happened on the trip. Not what we saw in the windowless backseat anyway. The most exciting thing that happened was that Sofi got to choose restaurant for lunch, and to everyones surprise it was MAX Burgers. After a long day of traveling we ended up at the Hotel Riverside in Uddevalla. It´s perfectly situated beside the channel that leads into the city, and the berths that Seascape has arranged for us are just next to the hotel. Nice!

Here are som pictures:


The channel that goes into town.



Parked just outside the hotel.



Hotell Riverside.



First Seascape 27 in water.



Seascape 27 in close.



The harbor.



Someone has chucked a pair of undies on top of a pole. Gunilla is wondering if this is what it is going to look like after our race on Sunday.



Uddevallas Nybroviken.



Captain Kjell with wife Sofi enjoying a pint or two.

Today we are going to try to find someplace to get the boat into the water and maybe get some practice before the race.

To be continued….


4 responses to “Finally we are on the way!”

  1. Eva Dart says:

    Gud så spännande, kör försiktigt och njut. Kramar Eva

  2. Klemen says:

    Good luck boys!😀

  3. Lasse says:

    Värsta bloggaren du är, Anders! Underhållande läsning, kansler framtida karriär? 👍

  4. Ewa / Bruce says:

    🌺🙋 Blir spännande att få följa med från land. 🎀 Lycka till

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