Lazy day in Zadar

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Saturday morning.

Now it´s time for the boat to get wet again. Kjell and Sofi went out and scouted the town for marinas with cranes yesterday. Because apparently there is no ramp in Zadar.  Lucky for us they found one. We hook up the trailer onto the car and drives down to the marina, which is not very far from where we live, Hotel Mediteran. A Hotel that we can´t recommend enough.

We pay about 40€ for the use of the crane and starts to rigg the boat. Must say that we are starting to get really good at it now, but of course we have practiced a lot lately. This time we are done in under 45 minutes. It´starting to get a bit boring actually. Now comes the silly part of the story, because when have the boat ready in the sea the crane operator asks us why we didn´t use the ramp that is close to Marxx Cafe. Kjell and I just stares at the guy, wondering if he is pulling our leg. So lets see, we have paid 40€ for a crane when there is a ramp in town that is for free. The worst part of it is that we have been sitting about 70 meters from  the ramp for at least two hours drinking. Maybe we should have seen it then?

During the time that Kjell and I riggs the boat, Gunilla and Sofi is away doing some shopping. There can´t be a sailing picknick without a couple of pints and sandwiches. Now it is time to sail, ramp or no  ramp.

The weather forecast predicts westerly winds with a speed of 3-5m/s in the morning, and that it later during the day the wind will shift to northerly. We make a unanimously decision to sail over to the island of Preko for a swim and a picknick in the cockpit. The sailing of to Preko is fantastic, blue skies and 34 degrees, almost a bit hot actually. During the passage we do a bit of a abdominal workout. Let´s see if it helps.

Swimming, sunbathing and eating. Continuing shooting a film on our GoPro. The result can be viewed on the movies page here at the blog or on youtube.

On the way home we have a perfect wind for the gennacker. Up it goes, and we are back in Zadar on a third of the time it took us the other way. Sailing at it´s best.

It is now things start to get a bit messy (as usual when Signia is out sailing). Because we would like to rent a spot in one of the marinas in downtown Zadar. It should not be a problem, because there is a lot of free spots, but they are charging us 51€ for one night, and we are not going to use any of facilities. That is a bit to steep even for a plumber.

No thank you, Croatias Ebeneser Scrooge we are using the ramp at Marxx Cafe that the crane operator talked about. We make our way over there. Gunilla and I take the car to go and get the trailer, meanwhile Kjell and Sofi start to get all the gear together. When Gunilla and I get back there is an idiot that has parked his car in front of the gate to the ramp. I only have a couple of centimeters on each side to get in. Barely makes it.

Croatia is a truly wonderful country to have a vacation in, there is just one question. Why don’t you make proper ramps? This ramp ends just under the surface of the water. It makes it so much harder to get the boat on shore. Bloody stupid! Lucky for us we get help from two very friendly Croatians and soon the boat is up and we can start getting it ready for the road.

It is now that the problem with the narrow gap in the gate gets enormous. The car and the trailer got in with a snug fit, but with the boat attached it is impossible. Are we really going to have to wait until this person has finished what ever he/she is doing? Gunilla takes a picture of the numberplate and goes out to hunt  Croatian. With no success. We start to figure out a way to move the car ourselves, but luckily the driver appears out of nowhere and moves the car.

Finally were on our way to the hotel for a shower and a beer. I think that we have to end this kind of one-day sailing. It is to boring to do all the work on the boat just for a couple of hours of sailing. That is why we have decided to go down to Free Sprit Sailing that is just 70km south of Zadar. Hopefully we can have the boat there for at least a week. That is if there is enough place for both us and the boat. Lets hope for some luck this time.

As usual there are some pictures from the day:























To be continued….

6 responses to “Lazy day in Zadar”

  1. Ewa / Bruce says:

    🌺🙋 Ser härligt ut, här är det mulet i dag och blir nog regn

  2. EvaDart says:

    😄😄😄underbart med rampen. Hoppas ni får lite mer båt nu då..

  3. Mr. Dart says:

    Rather jelous!

  4. Christina Cramer says:

    Hej på er !
    Nu har jag äntligen fattat att det är ni haha. Har trott att det var reklam och har därför klickat på delit sorrry !
    Nu vet jag bättre och har läst allt och sett alla fina bilder
    Kram Från Chrislouise

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