What is Bora?

Sunday August 14th, 2016 / Anders, Croatia, Kjell, Uncategorized

Now it has been a week since the last blogpost, and a lot of things has happened. We certainly have had a good time in Drace, but in the end we started to get a bit bored and wanted to get going. Seriously speaking, how many beer and coffee can one drink in the same place before you start to get bored? And then what do we do? Of course we go over to a coffeeshop and get a beer and a cup of coffee and start to think about what we want to do next. The thing is, Kjell is the sailor of the two of us, while I am quite satisfied with taking pictures, blogging, and therefor we decided that he would sail up to Jezera and that I would drive the car there.


This arrangement suited us both perfect, he got to sail until he almost passed out and I got the chance to find a gym and a hotel with a nice bed, something that I missed for quite some time now. The car is good to sleep in but it feels a bit odd to open the door and look out over an empty parking lot and at the same time saying hello to the local fishermen. They must wonder who the guy is that can’t afford a hotel. Can it be a swedish tramp in a lifejacket and strange boots?


On Monday morning it is time for Kjell to get on his way sailing to Jezera. We have our usual breakfast ritual at the small cafe down by the harbor and at the same time we check the weather forecast. According to that it´s going to be strong winds between 25m/s – 35m/s. Kjell reaction to that is the following: ” What would they know? They are usually wrong anyway”. But this time hey were right, but more about that later.


At nine a´clock he is on his way with the boat and at the same time I have the tiresome task of driving the car. Later that evening, when I finally got to a hotel where I could park the car and the trailer. Later in the evening I try to get hold of Kjell on the phone to check on the progress. But I cant get hold of him, and I start to worry a bit. Finally a couple of hours later I get a text saying that he is alright and that it has been windy as hell. Hurray!

Thursday morning I drive away to Jezera to await the “Captain from Grimsta”. It became a long wait indeed. Kjell arrive at 8pm, tired and a bit ruffed up one could say, but luckily unharmed. And without a phone, it decided to take a swim during the bora. Guess those bloody weather guys was right this time. This time the wind was enough even for Kjell i guess. At the first attack of the bora the boat went completely on its side and after that he sailed away at 8,3 knot without any sails up. What a ride! I am glad that I stayed at a hotel and not on a boat.


Now what does Kjell do when he get to Jezera tired and a bit ruffed up after a long sail trip? Goes to bed? Nope. Our new friend Gaz that has been waiting for his drinking buddy all the time since I got to Jezera got a hold of him got him a beer and soon one more. And I think all had gone well if they just had stayed a long way from the infamous Raki. That is strong stuff, I think it´s suitable as a supplement for petrol. The next morning, or more like 1pm when Kjell make his way up from the boat he look like shit. I think that maybe I should have put a sign on him saying “don’t smoke close to me”. After a while Gaz comes by and says to Kjell “you have got potential”. Wonder what that means? We stay in jezera for three days after Kjell gets there before we get out on the sea again.


Ivan and Barbara at Free Spirit Sailing have talked a lot about a very good lamb restaurant that is on an island in Kornati, and of course we have to go there. After some sailing with only headwind we finally get there. Tie the boat up at the docks and the first thing we hear is ” you can’t stay here and if you  want to eat you have to book at least a week in advance” What a disappointment. the only thing to do is to leave again. We hed for a small bay just 1,6nm away to get some protection from the wind and the waves.


Finally time for some food. Take out the Primus kitchen and make a fantastic Spagetti Bolognese. I bet it was better then the lamb we never got the chance to eat. After that we fall asleep at 9pm.


After dinner I took a shot at the sunset.


After a very quiet night (we have separate bedrooms now, so Kjells snoring aint to bad) We had a breakfast in the cockpit consisting of stale bread, sardines and some Nescafe. Jummy! Now it´s time to sail to a town called Sali for some lunch, and maybe a visit to the toilet. I´m sorry to say that we can’t find space for one inside our boat.


Now we are sitting in a restaurant in Sali after dinner and a coffee. I´m trying to be creative writing this blog and Kjell is sorting out all the stuff in his backpack, and to me that looks to be a whole days work. He has got a lot of stuff in there. I think we have to stay the night here.


Lets se what the next day has in store for us. Could it be sunshine, heat and some sailing?


To be continued….


8 responses to “What is Bora?”

  1. Mr. Dart says:

    Tack ännu en gång för trevlig läsning!
    Var rädda om er!

  2. Stina (mamma) says:

    En mycket spännande läsning på morgonen,härligt att allt gick bra!

  3. Olga says:

    Very interesting trip, nice photos.

  4. Jonathan Dart says:

    Tack för ett gott skratt.

  5. Klemen says:

    Are you two still around Jezera? With some luck i’ll be out with Barbara on seascape18. Just a short 3h sail i can hardly wait for 🙂
    Love reading your posts and thanks to them i’ll sail on a great boat with freespirit people!

  6. Lena says:

    Härligt att läsa i “höstmörkret”

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