You can’t always get what you want.

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After the relaxing days in Jezera in the company of good friends it was time for this traveling circus to head south. After we had passed Bosnia-Hersegovina the first stop was Dubrovnik. We soon realized that it´s not very easy to find accommodation for both us and the boat. We drove around the city for a long time looking for a place to stay, but with no luck. I´m started to feel a bit grumpy, but soon after that Kjell found a camping that was pretty close to the city center. Perfect, and it´s not full either. The price was 55€ per night, which is pretty good, so we booked two nights. Now lets explore Dubrovnik!

Borgar och murar

Castles and walls

I might as well tell you right away, Dubrovnik is best enjoyed from a distance, and bring your own food. I can tell you one thing,  there are a lot of tourists in this town! The tourists from the cruise-ships are coming at a steady pace with no end in sight. The morning after our arrival, when we had walked down to the old-town, we found ourselves amongst the first shipment of people from the cruise-ships. It was crowded and really hot. Felt like a couple of sardines, but of course without the tomato sauce.

Folk, folk och folk

People, people and more people

But why bring your own food? Well it´s like this, the food is average and the prizes are about double or three times as high as they are elsewhere in Croatia. Even Kjell got a bit grumpy when he had to pay 50 kuna for a beer instead of the 15 kuna he was used to. It sure is costly to be on a vacation sometimes.

Kjelles nya kompis

Kjells new friend

Of course everything isn’t´t crap in Dubrovnik. The wall surrounding the city is nice.

They have a cable cart that goes all the way to the top of the mountain with a fantastic view of the city. Bad luck for us then that is was broken when we went there to get some shots of the city from above. I asked the girl behind the counter when the cable cart was expected to run again, and she gave me a look that said “how the hell would I know”. Alright then, lets skip the cable cart and take a walk back to the car to prepare for departure the day after. Half-way back I turned around and saw the cable-cart working just fine. What the hell, it don’t matter, I have pictures of walls to last me a lifetime. To Montenegro and onwards!


Evening light

At 8am, full of white sweet bread that looked almost like a baguette, but was not, we left the camping site. According to the gps we had about 140km to drive before we should be at Kotor in Montenegro. It should´t take that long. An hour later we came to the border crossing and faced a massive que. It took us another hour before we came to the actually crossing on the Croatian side. And as usual at border crossing they have not been told the subtle art of being charming, but we were allowed to pass without to much trouble. The crossing into Montenegro is 800m away and we are soon there. It is now the trouble starts for us.

This is the conversation between Kjell and the border police:

Police -Do you have a green card?

Kjell -What is that?

Police -You got to have a green card!

Kjell – Why?

Police – You just got to.

Kjell -We don´t have one.

Police – Is that your boat?

Kjell -Yes.

Police -Alright. registration for the boat ?

Kjell – We don´t have that in Sweden.

Now the police look at Kjell with suspicion, and then the final blow for our chances of entering Montenegro come.

Police -The registration for the car please.

Kjell – Sure, no problem. Anders take it out from the glow compartment and give it to me.

Anders -I cant´t find it, are you sure it should to be here?

Kjell – It has always been there, look again.

Anders -Nope, it is empty here.

Kjell – Sorry to say we don´t have that either, now what do we do?

Police – You cant get into Montenegro without a greencard and a registration for the car. You will have to turn around, you get your passports back at the other side of this building

In other words we where in Montenegro for about 15 minutes, and then we hd to turn back to Croatia. It is now that we meet the next charmless border police, who wonders why we are back. Explain to here that we weren’t allowed into Montenegro because we didn´t have all the papers with us. Reluctantly she let us into Croatia again.

Imagen having to stay in-between borders  going through dustbins for leftovers just survive. Almost like the Tom Hanks movie when he is at the airport.

As soon as we are through the border we drive as fast as we can towards Dubrovnik. We had to find a restaurant and get some food and catch our breath. Eating a pleckavica(with at least 200gr cheese in it) we decide to go up to the peninsula that is just outside the coastline of Bosnia for some peace  and sailing.

Tonis krog

Tonis restaurant

We drive out on the peninsula and turn randomly of the main road towards a small fishing village named Drace. We found a perfect spot for the car and trailer, and  a place to put the boat inte the water. down by the water there is a guy cleaning out calamari, I walk toward him and ask if we have to pay for the parking. His name is Toni and he is the owner of the restaurant that is just beside the parking lot. It´s for free he says laughing, as long as you eat at my restaurant. Of corded we are going to eat at your place Toni. Even the harbor is for free. Finally some luck for us.

Vilsamt läge

Relaxing times

Now we have been here a couple of days and sailing, swimming and basically just been doing nothing but relaxing. Everthings as usual. maybe I should not say this,but this village is awesome. A little jem. Kjell and I are the only tourists that are not from Balkan, which suits us perfectly.

Badbryggan och solhyllan

The pier



To be continued….


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  1. Stina (mamma) says:

    En mycket spännande och fängslande läsning, väntar med spänning på nästa kapitel.😊🇸🇪

  2. Eva Dart says:

    😍 så vackert!

  3. Jonathan Dart says:

    Synd! Ska ni försöka få tag på papper för att komma in i Montenegro?

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