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Thursday May 19th, 2016 / Kjell, Modifications, Products, Seascape, Uncategorized


The solar panels that are going up on the roof arrived at the post office in Vällingby on Tuesday. The delivery was as efficient as the last time. A couple of days to late, some phone-calls and a lot of e-mails we got them. Well done PostNord! Enough with me whining about PostNord. On Wednesday it was time to install the solar panels on the boat.

The solar panels that are fixed to the boat, are two Sunbeam Tough 30w Flush. We have also bought two Sunbeam Tough 50w that are going to be tied to the boat, and used when necessary. The electricity that we produce will be stored in a 60Ah Litium-Ion battery. When we calculate how much electricity we will use up and what we generate with the solar panels, i don´t think that we will have to use land based power very much.

Here are som pictures from the day:


Time for some measuring and to put some tape on the roof. We put some yellow tape around the panels, just so that we would not get glue everywhere on the boat. Yellow tape is especially good because it don’t leave markings on the surface. That is an old plumbers trick.


The point of no return. Lets hope it´s spot on.


Before you apply the glue it´s very important to sand the surface.


You also have to rub the surface with aceton to remove the last of pieces of wax and grease. Aceton has a calming quality to it, which is very good when you are nervous before the moment of truth.


King of glue! We used a glue called Esse Pro1, which is a fast drying glue that holds instantly with 300kg/m2. When the glue is fully hardened it holds up to 4600kg/m2. I think that is going to be enough for our panels.


All done. Some sunshine, aceton and glue. I wonder what could go wrong this day?


A happy captain admiring his work.


Unfortunately there are some cables that has to be connected, otherwise it won’t work. That looks to be a comfortable working position Kjell. Wonder if the aceton took it´s toll on you.


The heat gun in action. On a boat you always need to put on shrinking hoses around the wiring to prevent the moist to get in.

When the battery solution is ready, and is being mounted in the boat there will be another post to show the finished installation.

On the 21/5 we are going to be participating in the regatta Lidingö Runt. It´s going to be first regatta for me, so the goal is to not hit anything expensive. Anyway i´m super excited for it. Let´s hope we have a great day with a lot of sunshine and good winds.  I think i´m going to bring the Gopro camera. So maybe there is a film from the regatta coming up. Of course it depends of how much time i have during the race. i have a feeling it can get quite stressful.

To be continued…..


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