The Bohusrace, was it really such a good idea?

Tuesday June 21st, 2016 / Anders, Kjell, Racing, Seascape

The 1/7 at 9:00 the start is off for the 2016 Bohusrace. Now, a week after we signed up for the race I´m starting to wonder if it really was such a good idea. I´m pretty sure that it´s going to be two very tired guys crossing the finish line in Smögen.

So a little summary of the Bohusrace for those who are not into sailing:

The race starts in Uddevalla and first it goes down to Hättebergets lighthouse in the south, then it turns up north to Tresteinarnas lighthouse in Norway. Then again the race turns south to the finish line in Smögen. The time it will take us to complete the race is between 30-40 hours. That is, if we are lucky with the weather. Alright, we are supposed to travel 170 nm in an 18 feet sailing boat that has no toilet and is probably the smallest boat in the whole race. How hard can it be? I mean, who needs to sleep, eat properly and use a toilet for that amount of time? Well I do! So lets talk about food. We are going to bring pre-made food boxes, a lot of energy bars and water. We will probably fall asleep standing, so thats sorted out. But the bloody toilet! What shall we do about that? Maybe the yogatrick and pull some gauze through the insides or try to find diapers that fits. That should be easier for Kjell than for me.

Enough with me wining about the race. Of course it´s going to be great to be part of it. Kjell and I like to challenge our selfs just to se if it´s doable. And because we have bought ourselves a Seascape 18, what could be more fitting than to try what is almost what Vasaloppet is for cross-country skiers.

We are leaving home on Tuesday next week,  and the start is at 9:00 on Friday. I think we are going to need those two extra days for preparations.

One thing that is extra fun with the Bohusrace is that it is a Seascape Signature event. The race is sponsored in part by Seascape. i even think that there is going to be a separate dockarea for Seascape. Last year there were seven Seascape 27 entering the race. Lets hope we see as many this year. Apparently no one was stupid enough to use a Seascape 18, wonder why? Anyway, it´s going to be fun talking to all the nice staff at Seascape about sailing. I have a feeling that we are going to visit their factory later in our journey.

Down below is a map of the race. It´s lucky that Kjelle has practiced being bored at home in the couch in front of the tv, because we have a lot of hours in front of us.


I have also added a very good movie clip from last years race that I found on the blog You will find it under the menu Movies at this blog. Enjoy!

To be continued….











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