Krka nationalpark.

Friday July 15th, 2016 / Anders, Croatia, Gunilla, Kjell, Sofi

Morning briefing in front of the weather forecast. It is going to be no wind and 36 degrees in the shade. I don´t think any of us want to be in a boat just melting away. We must come up with something else to do. We decide to go to the Krka nationalpark. It´s only about an hours drive away from Jezera, so we will definitely manage that in the Mercedes sauna.

Krka is one of eight nationalparks in Croatia and is very famous for the lakes and waterfalls. The park is situated in the county of Šibenik-Knins in the middle of Dalmatia. It follows the river of Krka and starts at the town of Knin in the north and goes down to Skradin in the south.

When we have parked the car and paid the entrance fee of 150 kuna we enter the bus that will take us down to the falls. A drive that is truly nerv wrecking. I don´t think that Sofi opened her eyes until we got to the end.

When we arrive at the bus stop we get a briefing about what to do and what not to do in the park, an most importantly when the last bus leaves the station. If we miss that we are going to have a very long walk ahead of us.

They have really made a fantastic job creating a wooden pathway through the woods and over small waterfalls. After a 30 minutes walk we arrive at the Skradinski Buk falls.

On the way down I also have time to get yelled at by a guide just because I happened to walk outside the fence. What a bitch! Just wanted to get a better view for some pictures. Some people just don´t understand art.

Now it is time to swim in the freshwater. I really don´t like to be cold, so I use the gear as an excuse not to. Gunilla say that I´m a coward, which I totally ignore of course.

Here are some pictures from the day:


















It has really been a great day, despite the fact that we haven´t sailed a meter. It doesn’t matter, because Kjell and I are going to sail so much this summer that it will probably last us a couple of years. Apparently there is going to be better winds tomorrow, so maybe we take the boat to Sibenik for some lunch. Reading about when we have lunch, isn´t that something to look forward to?

To be continued….




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  1. Christina Cramer says:

    Hej det ser fantastiskt ut! Dit vill jag

  2. Stina (mamma) says:

    Ser bra ut, vill gärna vara med!

  3. Jonathan says:

    Den andra bilden som du lagt upp i detta inlägg, underbar!!! Sagolikt! 🙂

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