Kornati a piece of paradise.

Wednesday July 27th, 2016 / Anders, Croatia, Kjell, Travel

Sunday 23/7.

After a nice breakfast with omelett and espresso at our favorite restaurant Makina that is situated next to Free Spirit Sailing where we live, we took a walk along the docks to check out all the wooden sailing boats that are entering the regatta. For my part I would not go out to sailing in those boats.



Masts in a row

All part are made of wood, so I think it´s hard work sailing them. The reason that there are so many wooden boats in the harbor is that there is a regatta. Unfortunately we don´t  have time to se the start at 3pm, otherwise we are not getting to the next island before sunset.

Yesterday we cleaned sorted out our gear in the car and loaded a lot of stuff into the boat that we are going to need in Kornati. Unfortunately we forgot two of the most important things, but more about that later.


A piece of wood

Time again to put the mast and all the other stuff on the boat. Below you can see how cool the Signia Cruises rigg is looking now with the stickers on the van. The part were we put the boat in the water have you seen so many times now so I won´t show any pictures from that. What left now is to put the van and trailer in the parking lot and get our bags at Free Spirit Sailing, then we are off to sea.

Finally we are the Swedish sailors again.


Signias stuff

We leave the harbor in Jezera and very soon we notice that the wind is blowing quite strong. Captain Kjell decide that it´s best to just use the forward sail until we know how much wind there is out to sea. When we turn around the first island outside of Jezera harbor we have 8m/s of upwind so I think it was a wise decision of us. After about two hours the wind is picking up even more speed and is soon around 12m/s and the sea is beginning to get tough with 1m-1,5m waves. We realize that it´s going to be hard to get all the way to Vids place in Sipnata on the island of Kornat. As you can see I didn´t have time to take pictures of the crossing, I was a bit to concerned for my my camera to do that. It´s enough that we drenched the backup battery and our small solar panels.



We stay for the night at a very beautiful small fishing harbor that is called Smokvica Vela, that is situated about 10nm from Jezera. Because we are starving we go to one of two restaurant that´s there. We got totally blown away by the food, what a place, it´s is definitely one of the best restaurants we have visited in Croatia. Now to the not so good part of the harbor. Of course we have to settle for the last place in harbor , nothing strange about that of course. But why in Gods name doc the bloody tourist with there rented catamaran perform a Karaoke until 2am one meter from our boat. They could just as well have been in our cockpit singing, it would´t have made a difference. All of this is happening after they have been using the bloody generator until 11pm.

Monday 24/7.

Wake up a little grumpy at 7am. The first thing I see is what? A hangover tourist lying on his back, snoring and showing to much skin in his eighties speedos. For about thirty seconds I was hungry, but not anymore. Have to comfort myself that it seems to be hard work singing karaoke until 2am. I hope  you are feeling like shit now chubby!

After some Nescafe and a sandwich we are on our way to Vids place at Sipnata. And today we hardly have any wind at all. Lucky for us then that we practiced our paddling strokes at Lidingö Runt. But why can´t this eunucksea have some nice fair winds. It´s on or off all the time. Takes us five hours to get to Vids place, and on the last part we actually have good winds with nice sailing. When we are getting closer to the docks there is a man standing there waiting for us. Have we sailed so slow that the war d of our arrival has reached this place before us? Maybe we have.

Vids ställe

Vids place

We tie up the boat and step onto the dock to say hello to Vid. He is a man at our own age (a little gray-haired) and very nice, in other words just like Kjell and I. Right away we feel very welcomed here. Being hungry as hell, and because Vid doesn’t serve lunch we walk over to the restaurant that is just beside his place. Unfortunately the place is expansive and not very good. Avoid at all cost!


Nice boat

Anyway, up with the cockpit sun cower and we start to sort all the gear that is all over the boat. Now time for a swim a short nap after the not so good sleep last night. Almost falls asleep on the dock, but realize that it´s not a very good place to sleep and goes to bed in the boat. Kjelle wakes me up at 6:30pm just to tell me we are having dinner soon. It´s a very good fish stew and polenta. the taste is awesome, and if the fish had been any fresher it would still have been alive.

Utsikt från en balkong

View from a balcony

Time for our beauty sleep, or what ever you might call it.

Kjelle har kommit in i semesterläge

Kjell in holiday mode

To be continued….




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  1. Stina (mamma) says:

    En mycket spännande och intressant läsning,väntar på nästa kapitel! 😎

  2. Gunilla says:

    Vad var det ni glömde? Öronproppar? Carolas vindfläkt?

  3. Eva Dart says:

    Mums med risotto.

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