Windless days under the sun

Saturday August 20th, 2016 / Anders, Croatia, Food, Kjell

I´m sitting in the boat under the suncover trying to come up with something to write about the last couple of days of sailing, well sailing is a bit to much to say. Because if I´m just going to write about the sailing this is going to be the shortest blogpost in history.

Think about it, how much is there to write about days consisting of clear blue skies, 30 degrees in the shade but with no wind. For all of those who are using motorboats it is definitely paradise, but not for us. We have an electrical engine on the boat with a limited range and therefor we must have the wind to move longer distances.

So we have used the paddled a lot, longing for some wind and then we have paddled some more, and so on. Sometimes there has been a little puff of wind and we have been all smiles and hey ho lets go sailing now. But then fades away again. Of course I exaggerate a bit because despite the lack of wind we have been able to get to four places since Sali. Top tip of the day: Bring a paddle onboard if you want to go sailing in Croatia.


The first harbor we get to after Sali is called Brbinj and is another small fishing village (we do seem to like fishing villages) that has two restaurants. When we are just going to moore at the docks, which we think is the guest harbor, there is a guy standing there telling us that it´s not a very good idea to use that spot. He tells us that it is a fishermans spot and that it is a very good idea not to mess with the fishermen. He points at a stone pier about ten meters away and says “you can moore over there”. Well we are just going to stay here one night so lets hope it holds together. It did.


When the boat is secured tide to the pier I feel that it is time for some food, so we hed to the nearest restaurang. Order a grilled chicken with french fries. It tastes, but not much. Lucky for us we don’t have to eat here tomorrow. But to our joy they have both Karlovacko and coffee on the menu so we stay and surf on the web a bit.


Would it be possible to travel without access to the internet? I doubt it.

As usual I get a little bit restless after a wile and therefor I take a walk down to the village. After a wile I get to a small house where I meet an old lady who grows vegetables in her garden and sells them to people who passes by. I buy some tomatoes that we will eat at breakfast. She also sells olive oil that she makes at home, of course I buy a liter of that as well. After this much excitement it is time for Kjell and me to go to bed. You have to think about that the time is over nine and we are over fifty, and then one get a bit tired in the evening.


Wake up the next morning and have a fantastic breakfast on the almost collapsed pier consisting of bread, salmon pate, tomatoes and freshly brewed Nescafe. It is time to get to the next harbor.

_DSC6352 _DSC6376

As I described earlier we had to use the paddle several times, but eventually we got to a place called Vera Rati. It is definitely time for us to take a shower (you know that funky feeling) so we decide to use the Marina. The shower is both nice and necessary, but apart from that the Marina is expensive, not so nice and with very rude staff. No go there.


Later that night I had to eat, again and to soon according to Kjell. After a wile we find a pizzeria that looks pretty nice. The pizzas are quite ok, but a tip to the baker is that it is not supposed to be more cheese than breast on a pizza. After dinner we are quite happy anyway and hed back to the boat for our beauty sleep. Wonder if one night is enough for us?

The next morning we grab a breakfast in the boat and we are soon on our way to the next harbor.Guess what happens? It is paddle time again. We are going to have awesome muscles when this trip is over. After one hour the wind picks up and we have really nice sailing up the next harbor that is called Sikora.


What a difference compared to the last place. When we get near the docks we are greeted by nice a guy directing us to the right spot. And then what happens? It´s Karlovacko time again of course. Apart from that not much is happening, except the usual stuff. Swimming, sunbathing, eating and drinking Karlovacko. It is a hard life, I know.

The next morning we start with the traditional and we are on our way toward new adventures. Sorry to say no adventures but more paddle strokes. We struggle with the paddle for a couple of hours more and then suddenly a miracle appears. Another sailboat is on the way toward us. It is a Slovenian couple that are out sailing for a couple of weeks. They ask us if we want to be towed, which of course we like very much. Bingo! Lucky for us that we are sailing a Slovenian boat, maybe that was what helped us. We get a tow for about an hour. After that the wind has changed and we can carry on sailing towards our goal Sakarun Beach.


Finally we are at Sakarun Beach. Then what happens? Of course  Anders need some food, again. The first place we encounter looks more like a shed than a restaurant. We see that they have both greek sallad and tuna sallad on the meny, so we order on of each and sits down and waits for the food, without to high expectations i can admit. We get to food and starts to eat. After a wile Kjell look up at me and says “this is the best greek sallad I have had in  long time” I have to agree with him, because my tuna sallad totally perfect. Perfect avocado, tuna, tomatoes, red onion, cucumber and an awesome olive oil. And yes the bread is perfect as well!


We book a table for dinner, because this can’t go wrong. And it doesn’t, because the food is exactly as good as we hope it will be. Kjell eats grilled scampi and I have the grilled calamari. That food proves that you create fantastic food using a grill, chili, garlic, salt and some olive oil.

We stay at the restaurant and checks out a fantastic full moon rising over the mountains wile listening to some jazz. A perfect end  to a perfect day and then it is time to get some sleep again. Remember the beauty sleep?


I wake up just before 5am thinking that it would be nice to take some pictures of the sunrise, unfortunately I fall asleep again. Wake up at 7am and the boat is twisting and turning all over the place. And there is lightning and thunder just on top of us. Why does this bloody sea save up on the wind and sea for weeks and then suddenly let go of it right on top of us? Kjell that is sleeping under our suncover has to get inside the boat. The storm calms down after an hour, and the rain stops after two hours. The best thin about the storm and rain was that all the salt disappeared from the boat.


Now I´m sitting here under my suncover writing this and wonder where Kjell is. I think that I have to close the laptop and go look for him. It´s just a matter of following the smell of Karlovacko, and I will soon find him.

To be continued….


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  1. Stina (mamma) says:

    Hej! Ännu e n mycket spännande och innehållsrik läsning.lycka till på den fortsatta färden,🤗

  2. Klemen says:

    ‘The smell of karlovačko’ 🙂

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