Three summits and a sail trip.

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Thursday 14/7.

One could actually believe that we don´t sail at all on this sailing adventure. That is not correct. We have done some sailing since the last blogpost. We took a short 5nm trip to the town of Tribunj. We had good winds of about 6-8 m/s so the sailing was just great. After some lunch and a little sightseeing we decided that it was time to go back to Jezera. While we had lunch the wind had picked up to around 10m/s with 14m/s in the gusts.

Gunilla and Sofi decided to take a cab back to Jezera. Lucky for us they could help us when we left the docks. It´s always helpful with an extra pair of hands if something unexpected happens. I´m the first to admit that it was good to have some extra space in the boat.

We had hard crosswinds on the way back to Jezera so we decided to only use the headsail. A wise decision. The old guys are getting smarter it seems. It took us three times as long to get back to Jezera compared to what it took us to Tribunj. Finally we are back in Jezera, tired but happy efter a three hour trip. So why not go for a run Andy? Of course I will. My restlessness is not easily cured on a small boat. This is going to be a very long summer with a lot of running.



A photo from the bridge that connects the mainland to the old town.


Lite båt i lä bakom stor båt. Jäkla otur att de drog efter 10 minuter

A small boat beside a big one. Unlucky for us they left after just 15 minutes.



The best place to dry your laundry is of course just over the breakfast table.


Sunday 17/7.

This trip suddenly turned into a pair-holiday for a day. Gunilla and I felt for going on a hike, and it was not exactly what Kjell and Sofi was looking forward to. So we split up for the day. A few days earlier Gunilla had been around doing some recon like a true soldier, and found a path up to an old church. The church is situated on top of a hill overlooking the harbor. It should be a very good stop for our hike.

Kyrka på kulle

Kyrka på kulle

But being adventurous hikers we could not stop at the church. we had to continue to the next hill with a pile of rocks on top of it. A pile of rocks is never wrong at, least when there is 27 degrees and the sun is shining. Why not stop for a photoshoot? Of course we did.

Gunilla på röse

Gunilla on  a pile of rocks


Anders på röse

Anders on a pile of rocks

Well a hike is not completed without a third climb. Onwards to the next hill/mountain. There was quite a lot of walking downhill. Not very good for my knees. I have to remember the Voltaren ointment. Soon we arrive at a small harbor. It seems to be a harbor full of fishing boats that waits for the owners to take them out in the evening. There is an old guy standing beside his boat arranging his nets. He looks at us, points at my camera and says something in Croatian. My skills in Croatian needs improvement to say the least. He tries German, with about as much luck. Now he points at the camera again, points at the top and out to the sea. Aha! It´s a good spot to see far away. Lets climb up and have a look.

En topp med utsikt.

A hill with a view.

Of course we have to have a photo session on top of the hill. This time I got to be the model and Gunilla was behind the camera. After that tiresome work we had some water and a danish with jam. It must have been the best danish in the world right then.

Bergman på berget.

Mountain man on the mountain.



Man in a hat.

All good things has an end and so did this hike. Time to get the shirt on and take a walk down to the village for a late lunch. We end up at Restaurant Makine for a sallad with newly grilled tuna on it. After that the beach didn´t sound like a bad idea actually.

To be continued….


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    En mycket intressant läsning, och vilka fina foton . Ser fram emot nästa reseäventyr.

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