Three men went up a hill, and two swedes came down a mountain.

Thursday July 28th, 2016 / Anders, Croatia, Kjell, Travel

There is a new kid in town, a Seascape 27 with a very nice gentleman from Germany called Bodo Genz at the helm. After some talk about where we are from and what we do back home we start to talk about what boats, sailing and adventures in general. Bodo tells us that he live in Austria now and that he is a passionate paraglider that has participated in several World Championships. Being a curious person, I ask how he has done at the competitions, and a bit reluctantly he tell me that he has won the silver medal one time in the team competition. He seems to be a person that don’t like to brag, a very admirable quality in a person, and something more people would be good to follow.

Bodo has brought with him a light-weight para-glider that is developed for mountaineering as an easier way to get down from the mountain than walking. What can be more perfect then to try it here in Sipnata. The hills a decent, the mistral is blowing steadily from the north and apparently hes got company on his way up to the top. Mostly because Kjell and I would´t miss this for the world, the chance to see it close up for the first time, and get some exercise at the same time. Win-win.

The mountains in Kornati are not exactly easy to get up on. There are razor sharp rocks littered all over the place, and in-between them there are overgrown holes that is impossible to see how deep they are. Snakes? So we have to jump from one rock to the other, not a very easy task for my arthritis knees. But what the hell, it´s worth it as long as I get one good picture of him flying away.

It take us about one hour to get to the top, me carrying the camera, Kjell the water and Bodo his para-glider in the backpack. We got some good exercise during the walk I can tell you that. It´s pretty hard to walk uphill in over 30 degrees of heart. After a breather for us and some thinking from Bodos side about where he should start from it is time to sort out the gear. As you can see in the pictures there are a lot of lines to sort out, lets hope they don´t get tangled up. Kjell get the task of holding the glider up and I do what I usually do, taking pictures.

Everything works perfectly and soon Bodo is in the air. He will be down in the valley, which we will not. because it is harder to go downhill than uphill it takes us longer this time. Why didn´t I think of this before we went up? Back at the boat in the harbor wet as a dog, unfortunately not from rainwater. But I should´t complain, the water is hot, the sun is shining and I got to experience another adventure.

Btw, Bodo landed without crashing!

Here are som pictures from the day:



On our way to the top


The wanderers are finally  at the top



Hey Luigi, where do you think I should start from?



Concentration before take-off



Paraglider holder Kjelle



Take off



Bodo is flying high



The first turn



A bit more turning



I thought you didn´t want to be in a picture Bodo?



View towards Italy



A paraglider with a view



Bodo panorama



Do not aim for the cross Bodo!



A view without Bodo

Tomorrow we are going to sail again, because we are racing Bodo to Jezera and Free Spirit Sailing one year anniversary. Lets hope the swedes win this. First prize is three beer and an ice-cream for me.

To be continued….


6 responses to “Three men went up a hill, and two swedes came down a mountain.”

  1. Tomas Carlsson says:

    Ser gött ut. Följer era äventyr med glädje.

  2. Gunilla says:

    Coola bilder😊

  3. Stina (mamma) says:

    Oj vilka fina bilder!!😉

  4. Lasse says:

    Häftig upplevelse att få del av. Vad bra du levandegör &!kul ton du har, ,Anders! Värsta kåseriet, Tack👍

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