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Wake up at 7am, feeling hungry as hell, and our favorite place doesn’t open until 8am. Start the panic! Go for a quick walk to the nearest Pekara, bakery in english, and buy a croissant with jam. Soon Anders is happy again. After a wile Kjell eases his way up from bed and want to have breakfast, lucky for us Makina has now opened and we have omelet, orangejuice and a double espresso. When we are finished with that I tell Kjell that I have to work out, and because there is no gym here in Jezera I have to swim.

The local “beach” is only a five minute walk from where we live, though beach is a bit to much to say actually. It consist of a concrete pier and outside of that there are stones on the bottom that want to do as much damage to my feet as possible it seems. It builds character having a swim at our beach. An indian spike mat is child splay compared to this place. But they make a killer espresso at the bar, and that keep up the spirit a bit.

Meanwhile that I have been swimming Kjell has paid some invoices on the internet, but I do think that he has done some Facebooking as well because he looked a bit lazy when I came back. We are just chatting a bit when Barbara from Free Spirit Sailing comes around and ask us if we would like to join her, Ivan and Bodo for for lunch at a fantastic restaurant that you only can reach by boat. The choice is easy, nice company, good food and some sailing. What could possibly go wrong?

Kjell and I are going on Bodos boat, a Seascape 27 and Barbara and Ivan are taking one of their Seascape 18 that is in the harbor. Kjell and I take a walk down to Bodos to see if he is there. We meet him half way when he is on his way on the electrical one-wheeler to the store to do some shopping. It looks bloody dangerous when he goes close to the edge at about 15km/h, but of course for a paraglider it´s childs play. When he is back I get the chance to try, but after maybe ten seconds I have had enough and get off. Don´t we have to go sailing now? Barbara and Ivan are already on their way out to sea. Lets go!

The wind is blowing at maybe 7-8m/s when we get out on the sea. Because both Kjell and Bodo are passionate sailors it looks like we have to try all the sails he has on the boat, including the gennacker. For my part I think  it´s a lot of work for one lunch. But what the hell, they are having fun. I try to keep out of the way and pull whatever line they tell me to pull. One hour and four broaches later we are at the restaurant.

Now I want food!

The restaurant and the surroundings really meet the expectations I have. we spend a couple of hours there with fantastic food, a killer view and crystal clear water. It doesn´t get better than this. This is what makes it so great when you travel, meeting new friends that you really want to hang out with.

Now it is time to say goodbye to Bodo for this time. He is going to continue sailing on his own, and Kjell and I are going down to Dubrovnik to look at some more castles and stone walls. Again. We sail back to Jezera with Barbara and Ivan in their Seascape 18. There is a little less wind so we get a really nice trip back. When we are getting closer to Jezera Ivan asks us if we like to get wet, which we of course say yes to. The boat is parked just behind a small island close to the inlet of the harbor. Into the water we go. We have a SUP behind the boat, which means that there has to be a challenge on it between Ivan and Barbara, but it is a bit unclear who won.

Back at Free Sprit Sailing we meet Maulik, a very nice guy from USA that has come here to learn to sail. Apparently we are sharing the same room tonight. Lets hope that the he does not snore to much. The evening ends with a fantastic pizza at a nice restaurant close to Murter in the company of Maulik, Barbara and Ivan.

We have had so much help from Free Spirit Sailing that it is almost ridiculous. The top tip of the day is that if you like to learn how to sail or just relax and have a good time, go to Jezera and you will be welcomed by the big smile and all the help you can ask for.

This is definitely not the last time I go to Croatia for a holiday.

Here are some pictures from the day:


_DSC5689 _DSC5867 _DSC5861 _DSC5853 _DSC5850 _DSC5832 _DSC5817 _DSC5801 _DSC5768 _DSC5765 _DSC5739 _DSC5734 _DSC5702 _DSC5697

To be continued….





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  1. Stina (mamma) says:

    Allt ser underbart ut, hur många meter simmade Du?

  2. Eva Arvidsson says:

    Sååå avundsjuk! Det kan jag ge dig Anders.

  3. Stina (mamma) says:

    Simma lugnt,njut av allt det fina!🍩

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